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Onion sprout

Vitamins: A, B, C
Minerals: calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium
Natural antibiotics, rich in chlorophyll, renews, cleans the blood flow, and the liver. It destroys harmful unicellulars, resists all mold and fungus. Antispetic, and it kills viruses, fungus, parasites and microbes. It has the widest spectrum of all known microbicidal matters. Thanks to its allicid content, it is a perfect medicine for cold, flu and also has a sweaty effect. Onion sprout has a positive environment for useful bacterias, while it exorcises pathogens from the intestines. It contains nutrients that support the basic cell growth. IT IS EXCELLENT FOR FLAVORING SALADS, MEAT AND FISH DISHES, EVEN GOOD FOR DISHES WITH EGGS. THEY LOOK GOOD ON SANDWICHES, COLD AND CHEESE PLATES, AND GIVE THEM A SPECIAL FLAVOR.