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Ruccola/alfalfa mix sprout

Vitamins: A, B, C and K, beta-carotin
Minerals: calcium, iron
This product is a mixture of 70% of alfalfa and 30% of ruccola. Ruccola/peppermustard sprout contains approximately 80% unsaturated fatty acid, which has a significance in cardiovascular illnesses. They strenghten the immune system, and can kill germs. Ruccola sprout contains chlorophyl, which cleans and renews your blood. It reduces inflammation, helps digestion, amends your appetite and contains antioxidants. Next to The upper attributes, this product also contains the physiological effects that are written at alfalfa sprout. Ruccola is a spice that you can’t leave out from italian kitchen. Similar to the plant, the sprout also has the freshly hot, savory, little bit smoky aroma, that reminds of hazelnut or nut. Neutral taste of Alfalfa sprout attenuates this craggy taste, and thanks to this, we can prepare a fresh, not hot mix of sprouts. Best consumption is with tomato, in salads with cheese or on sandwiches.