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Mungbean sprout

Vitamins: A, B, C, E
Minerals: Iron, folate, magnesium, phosphorus
We consume the green pod, dry seed and the sprout of mungbean. Mungbean seed contains: 22% protein, and approximately 0,5/ oil. It is an elementary replacement of protein. Mungbean sprout is easily digestible, rich in fibers, and helps to detoxicate and remove excretas. Bean sprout- similar to sprouts of legumes in general- has a beneficial physiological effect on the heart, it controls the blood-sugar, the high fiber content can reduce blood pressure, supports the function of colons, the high iron content inside helps the blood formation, and it has a positive effect on skin also. Consumption: Chinese kitchen use spicy sprouts which flavor is similar to nut into salads, or as vegetables.(in markets you can find it as soyabean sprout also). Nutritious mungbean sprout itself is great in salads, but we can follow some advices of asian restaurants: grat some cucumber and carrot next to the sprout! It makes any salads more exotic, pleasantly succulent and crispy.