csira visszacsira galeriacsira elore

Wild garlic

Vitamins: A,C
Minerals: magnesium, mangane, sulfur, iron
SEASONAL PRODUCT It is recommended for people who live in bigger cities to consume herbs because it has an unleading effect, and beside this, it is good for reducing blood-pressure and it reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis. We can use this tasty, garlic smelly plant in various ways. You can consume it even fresh or preserved, it is excellent in salads, sauces, soups and into spicy butters. Oil-canned version of it can also be found in stores, and perfect for spaghettis or lubricated on toasts. A Sauce can be made from it similar to Italian pesto-from wild garlic juice, olive oil, a little salt, and grated parmesan cheese mixed together. You can use it as a spice a well as garlic, but wild garlic’s taste is more mild. The only danger is that it can be easily confused with the poisonous leaf of lily, but the wild garlic has a strog garlic smell.