csira visszacsira galeriacsira elore

Fresh ginger

Vitamins: B3, B6, C
Minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, linoleic acid,volatile oils
Marked taste and smell comes from volatile oil which is being produced inside the root of the plant. This oil with the fragrance is the active substance itself, and the positive effects of this is started getting discovered in our country. Use this barely known spice-and herb ginger bravely for flavoring some meat, fish or even for pastry! Ginger is one of the best natural cramp-solver and painkiller. In any form it can be used for easing dyspesia, indigestion, tympanitis, nausea or against retching. It has an excitatory effect on digestation and improves appetite. It is good against diarrhea also. (For 0.5litres tea, you need approximately 2kgs of fresh grated ginger) Ginger is a great memory repairer and sense sharpener- Ginger helps to improve your mood in any time, serkenti a vérkeringést, so they are melting snacks, because when you are eating them, they give a warm feeling for your whole body, strenghten the immune-system. Ginger is a medicine against winter depression and bad mood. It dicreases the irritation of the mucous membrane which is helping to treat cold.